Hello, I’m John Olatubosun

I am a full stack software developer

I love to create solutions to difficult problems; to benefit humanity


Web Development

Mobile Development

AI & Machine Learning

Database Administrator

Why having an online presence is very important in this digital age

In order not to be left behind in this new era of communication an online presence is essential. It can be in form of a website, android or iOS application. I am experienced in all three and also in providing machine learning an A.I powered solution

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Domathz is a mathematics solver application available on web and android. It was developed by a friend and I. The purpose of Domathz is to provide a fast and easy to use application to help students with mathematics related problems.


MySVote which is My Social Vote is a web based voting solution for minor elections or decision making in schools, offices or business. This aim of this application is to provide a simple voting systems for institutions; for examples at a school…