University Education ?

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University education is a very controversial topic in our society today. Many people say it is not important while some are a not in support of this school of thought. Both sides have a good argument, one feels it is important to get a university education to succeed in life while the other feels it is not a guarantee for life success.

My opinion on this matter is that university education is definitely not a guarantee for success; that is prayer, determination and hard work; but it is an avenue to learn skills that will shape your life for the better. Most people look at a university and see only studying and gaining knowledge that will not be useful to you in life, this is true to some extent but it is not all what university is about. From my time so far in university I will agree that most of the things taught were not relevant and uninteresting, sometime I avoid going to class when possible. Despite this, I don’t use it as an excuse to perform poorly which no one should do, study your self and know how best you learn because in the end you don’t want to waste your school fees.

To me academics is the secondary part of university education (at the same time it should be taken very seriously), the important part of me is learning other skills. I will agree all this things can be learnt outside the school environment but sometime we need the guidance and the push to learn. One of these things is time management; going to school early, meeting deadlines and all those will make us more time conscious believe it or not. I attend a Christian university and despite the lot of stress I will admit the spiritual activates are actually helping and it made me a better person.

What I am really trying to say is that the struggle of university life well help you become a more disciplined and better person, outside the academic scene.

Another important thing about university is learning how to be financial independent and learn important skills. This is a time where you can experiment with different income sources and learn how to mange money. The university I attend does not give the opportunity for this with a very limited internet access and a ban on mobile phones, I strongly disagree with this as it limits students potential. Despite this I still try to learn other skills and look for income sources with such huge barriers. I will also say the university in may makes up for this by making entrepreneurial and musical instrument courses compulsory, this dose not totally make up for it but its a good initiative. I will also encourage you to pick up a musical instrument, a trade or simply a skill that interests you.

Now lets talk about dropping out. Most of us at one time or the other had joked about it or seriously considered it. The simple truth is don’t drop out because you are failing school or because some successful people are drop outs. If you want to drop out have a plan, know what you want and how you plan to achieve it or you may end up wasting years of your life. Dropping out to discover yourself is something I won’t advise, rather take a gap and get permission from your university to pause your education for a while so if things don’t work out you still have a backup. Dropping out is not a bad thing but doing it without a plan or a backup can be dangerous.

Summary of all what I talked about is, academics is secondary in a university but should be taken very seriously. Purse other agendas and gain more skills, embrace the university struggle and grow from it. If the opportunity comes to drop out, do it with a plan or have a backup to rely on.

Stay Blessed. Stay Awesome. Stay Wonderful.


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