Titans Season 1 & 2 Review

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Titans is an American Television Series created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti. The show premiered on 12th October, 2018 and has an estimated of 10 million viewers world wide. The series is based on the DC comics Teen titans showcasing a group of sidekicks and young heroes coming together to fight for Justice.

My opinion is that, the series had a lot of potential and built a lot of hype but the execution could have been done much better. I want commend all the actors and writer who but of lot of effort into the show; your efforts are well recognized. My view of the series is mainly influenced by the fact that the plot didn’t focus on the titans team rather a lot of sub-plots some of which were unnecessary, irrelevant or not given enough time to mature and other reasons which I would get into. Despite this I still enjoy watching the show.

Before we dive into the show let me give some back story. Two years before the start of the show Deathstroke ( Slade Wilson ) was hired to assassinate a woman who was assigned to watch over wonder girl, but he accidentally killed aqua lad who just hooked up with wonder girl. The team then insisted Dick Grayson, Robin at the time, to get revenge no matter what. This led him to befriend Deathstrokes son, Jericho, later on Deathstroke and Dick had a fight and in the end Jericho was killed by Deathstroke.  For some unknown reason Dick lied and said Jericho died before he got there and the team disbanded. The was unnecessary because they all had a hand in Jericho death. Also Slade said he would break up the titans if they ever got back together, why this was never hinted at in season 1 was surprising.

Season 1 focused majorly on the origin of raven, beast boy and star fire and how Dick brings them all together to form a team. I will say the writers did a pretty good job with the first season. Starfire has potential for are more complex back story and possibly her own spinoff. I liked Dick Grayson but his origin was not properly executed, in the comics night wing doesn’t fight as vicious as batman, that’s also why he left batman. I was surprised to still see him being portrayed as this vicious fighter even after leaving batman. Raven’s origin was cringe and beast boy was not given enough screen time in my opinion. Also the show was a bit dark and didn’t have as much comedic elements as I expected. The love relationship between beast boy and raven was not as deep as it was portrayed, an instance of this was when beast boy convinced her not to follow her father. In my opinion the scene didn’t have a proper build up as raven and beast boy just seemed like friends.

In season 2, the team broke up a lot which was bullshit in my opinion, it got to a point when I was not even moved any more when I saw a split. On the bright side this gave room for more sub plot but this lead them to deviate away from the theme of the show. Some of their break ups didn’t even fell genuine, when Dick said the truth about how Jericho died the response from the team was not mature, why were they all angry even thought they all contributed to it. Star fires sub plot just completely digress and is not in anyway related to the titans. We also have Hank who stopped his drug addiction just to get back into in one episode, his character had a of potential but this was not utilized. Pushing Jason Todd to point of him about to commit suicided and no one apologized didn’t seem realistic at all, they all just moved past it like nothing happened; Sigh. There were also a lot of times where most of the character were inactive or not doing anything meaningful for episodes at a time. An example of this is super boy’s comma, just for him to come back and attack police officers.

We can all agree that the team did more damage to people than saving them, which was insane and the fact that they were all praised as heroes at the end of season 2 was shocking. Super boy assaulted people, brutally attacked police officers and destroyed private property; Dick Grayson is a convicted criminal who broke out of Jail; Starfire is also wanted for destruction of property; Raven is involved in a criminal investigation; Beast boy killed a lot of people and yet some how all this things just faded into the background.


I want to talk about Dick’s time in prison. Personal I liked the story of the sacred bird and also the Jail break, but his escape from prison made no sense. How did he breakout of a room with only one steel door and a narrow window, teleportation maybe ( in a sarcastic voice ). For some reason they thought it would be better for him to break out of prison than being broken out by star fire and raven. Apart from that, his Nightwing suit was amazing and the Deathstroke fight was satisfactory. Wonder girl dying and Raven leaving was not needed in my opinion, the team should have also reconcile with Jason Todd. I was expecting a permanent full reunion considering the number of times they split up.  The ending of the season didn’t really give any hype for season 3 except maybe Blackfire coming to earth. Well I look forward to what they do with it.

Also there are a lot of negative opinion on Starfire being casted as a black woman. Some of these opinion comes from a racist point of view while some just want originality from the comics. In my opinion I support her being cast as a black person because, if she wasn’t the show will not have cultural diversity it has now and this will not sit well with most viewers, especially in this era. Also in the comics Starfire was an orange alien and there is no reason that she cannot be casted as a black woman.

In spite of all the inconstancies and unrealism I still enjoyed watching the series, it honestly had some good moments. I will give it a 6.5/10 rating. I encourage you to watch it you may have a different opinion on the show than mine.


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