The Umbrella Academy Season 1 & 2 Review

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The umbrella Academy is a Netflix television Series based on the comic books of the same name written by  Gerard Arthur Way. Premiered on 15th February, 2019; the series is centered around a dysfunctional family of superheroes who banned together to solve the mystery of their father’s death and stop an impending apocalypse. The Series was just recently renewed for it’s third season and production will begin February of 2021.



The intro of the pilot started out in a unique way intriguing the interest of viewers, myself included. Though the origin of their powers were not stated or the reason for their spontaneous birth was not explained it gives room to generate a more interesting and complex story line. Music is an important part of any show and there is no shortage of amazing tunes in this show. Most of the songs is this series were composed by Jeff Russo and he did an amazing job. I especially like Vanya’s violin piece in the season 1 finale and also the song ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ was perfectly placed in number 5’s fight scene at the end of the pilot episode, the fight scene also us gave a look at how skilled he really is.

Power ranking is also a crucial part of any super hero shows. Often characters are over powered and during fight scenes they are written to be weaker which causes and inconsistency. The show didn’t over power any character as their powers had limits, except maybe for Vanya. Her power can not really be explained and was portrayed to be this unstoppable force though making her not have full control of her abilities will make not overpowered but in future episodes she might tend to become over powered when he can control her abilities better and this will lead to inconsistencies in fights. It was a good idea to introduce sensory deprivation and a loud sound as a way to curb her powers but lets see how far this goes. I am looking forward to see how she will be portrayed in the new season, hopeful they do it right.

Character in the series were given a very complex background, they all had their personal weaknesses or demons which made them more relatable. We have Luther desperate for his fathers attention, Diego always wanting to be the hero, Allision who just wants to have a normal life, Vanya desperately looking for acceptance, Number five trying to make things right and Klaus an acholic, seeing them all struggle with their problems  and helping each other out is inspiring  . The plot is also very exciting and has room for more interesting story telling. An example of this was when Reginald Hargraves was reveled to be an alien, this was very shocking but and also the death of his lover (wife probably), gave an explanation to his behaviors and actions.


Ben, he wasn’t talked about in much details but I grew to like him and his death is season 2 was a happy sad moment. From the finale of season 2 I guess that his character will be dwelled more one in season 3. The season 2 finale was also surprising because, the timeline was changed; I guess this has to do with Luther meeting Reginald in the past and Reginald changed they way he brought them up. Meaning that everything that happened in season 1 and 2 never happened, how wonderful ( in a sarcastic voice).



Anyways the show is very good I will give it a rating of 7.5/10. I recommend you watch it if you are interested in Sci-Fi. Aidan Gallagher who played number 5 did an amazing job and acted remarkably well. Honestly I was surprised with the way he delivered the role, because from his previous shows I didn’t think he was the best for the role. Also amazing work by Ellen Page who played Vanya, Justin H. Min who played Ben and Tom Hopper who played Luther.


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