Project Power – Movie Review

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Project Power is a superhero film directed by Henry Joost ( directed nerve Nerve, Paranormal Activity 3 & 4 ). The show was released by Netflix on August 14, 2020. The show has about 75 million views worldwide. The premise of the show is about a drug that gives you a random super power for five minutes, this power can be good or bad, that ended up on the streets of New Orleans; leaving a Teenage dealer, a Cop and an ex-soldier to take down the distributor.

The premise of the show is very interesting and the universe of the show is very addictive, but the plot was very bland and generic. I really expected something different from the tradition superhero show because we have seen a lot of that (the new era superhero show) in 2020 form The Old Guard to Umbrella Academy and many others. The show started off with Jamie Foxx as an ex-solider Art, who is trying to find his daughter and stop the supply of the drug; in my opinion that plot was very basic. We also have the dedicated Cop who was willing to push the line and a drug dealer trying to help her mother; I have seen this kind of a plot countless times and I was definitely not fascinated by it. I feel like a more interesting plot that could have been included but was totally skipped was how the Police Force reacted to the drug and started to fight; that was the first six weeks that was skipped at the beginning of the show.

Don’t get me wrong the show was great, it had amazing fight scenes that were fast and with quick energy and amazing CGI. This really made up for what the show lacked in plot and character depth. The action scenes were good enough to overlook the lacking plot. Although there were times where I rather they showed more action scenes rather than cutting it or focusing on something else; an instance of this was when a woman was freezing to death an Jamie Foxx was fighting in the background. I would have loved to see them pan between the fighting and the freezing rather than Just focusing on the freezing. Also the popular actors in the show also saved it from being a total failure like Jamie Foxx, Joseph Levitt, Dominique Fishback and Machine Gun Kelly.

My final verdict is that the show was just average. It was good but not to good to leave a lasting impression in my opinion they could have done a lot more with the plot depth and maybe add some character arcs. The show was just one of those shows that was good and you will end up forgetting in a few days. I will rate the show 6.5/10. I am still very much interested in the story because the premise has a lot of potential, I will rely love something to be done with the show maybe a sequel or creating a series out of it.


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