Number 1 Math Solver Application

About the project


Domathz is a mathematics solver application available on web and android. It was developed by a friend and I. The purpose of Domathz is to provide a fast and easy to use application to help students with mathematics related problems. It works offline which is an added advantage over other mathematics solver apps. The application provides step-by-step solutions and explanations to all problems to help students learn, covering almost 80+ mathematics topics and can perform over 1000+ mathematical functions. Domathz is a very simple app requiring no sign-up or registering or any form of internet connection, instead you just go to the app or site and then search for the topic or problem area and the rest is just clicks away. Domathz is a very dynamic app and can cater to so many diverse needs.

Languages / Technologies

Tech Stack

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Android Studio
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