Invincible Season 1 Review

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Invincible is an adult animated superhero show; it is based on the comic books by the same name written by Robert Kirkman, who co-created the comic version of “The walking dead”. The show first aired on amazon prime in March of 2021, it is about a normal teenager Mark Grayson who later develops supers powers and his father the most powerful superhero is hiding a very big secret.

Superhero shows or shows that involve superhuman abilities are getting quite common nowadays, you may look at this show and at first think it is just like the rest; but let me correct that and tell you it is very different. Although the superheroes in the show are quite similar to the ones in Justice League and when you start watching the first episode the show may seem very generic but by the time you get to the end of the episode your thoughts on the show will change. Honestly it is one of the best superhero shows I have watched in a while, it has all the key elements in the right proportion: complex plot, deep character background, violence, amazing fights with incredible animations and so much more.

The show had quite a number of violent fights with a decent of amount of gore; the thing about this show is that the violence and fighting was never just random or had no meaning, it always drove a strong impression and left my jaw sweeping the floor. In some movies, at times the fight scenes are not relevant but this show did not have any of that and I really liked that. It was also funny and had moments of comedic relief but not so much that it became a comedy; it had that way of tying a joke into a serious moment where the joke is funny and the moment is still serious. Some people might want to compare it to “The Boys” but this is a very different show

I never read the comics and I do not plan too, mainly because I do not want any spoilers, so I can’t really say how much the show is based on the comics; but the show had a very deep plot. There were a lot of shockers and jaw dropping moments which will keep you at the edge of your sit. Unlike other superhero shows, this one doesn’t follow that regular superhero story.

The directors really did a very good job with the attention they payed to details and the level of continuity. Even between episodes, they didn’t just reset everything. For those who don’t know what I mean by continuity, it is like of something breaks in an episode it still remains broken in the next and not just magically restored. They show also had amazing sound tracks which tied it all together; trust me you would be adding a few songs to your favorite playlist after watching this series, well I defiantly did. This is something I really look forward too in shows, in my opinion, if a show doesn’t have a good soundtrack or not enough it doesn’t really compel a strong emotions.

The show had an amazing cast, which includes: Steven Yeun, J. K. Simmons, Sandra Oh and many other A-list actors. Personally I really enjoyed the show and I can not wait for the next season. I would recommend it if you are looking for something to watch that will keep you on your toes. Rating, I would rate the show a 9/10.


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