Gotham Full Review

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Gotham is an action crime television series produced by Warner Bros. Television. The show ran for 5 seasons from 2014 – 2019 with 100 episodes; with an average of 5 million viewers each season. The show is set in Gotham city and it details the events that happened in Gotham city after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne and before the Rise of Batman. The rise of Bruce Wayne form a young scared kid to Batman was detailed in the show. We also had a look into how some of batman’s famous villains came to rise; and how the relationship between the dark knight and some of his closest companions developed.

In this review I will be talking about what I liked and disliked about the show. Note this review does contain spoilers as most of my reviews do. Overall I really liked the show and you should definitely watch it if you are part of the DC army or just looking for a good show to watch.

The major reason why I really liked Gotham is because it is not like the average superhero show. What Gotham did different was that it took away the superhero and focused more on Gotham City and the criminal activities going on; in my opinion this was a very good decision but there are some batman fans out there that would disagree. The fact that the show didn’t focus majorly on batman’s origin and was still a hit really pushed the boundaries and proved that a superhero show can still be interesting with the superhero taken out.

Gotham also had a very good balance, it was sometimes dark but not too dark that it become cringe. It had amazing fight scenes and the amount of blood and carnage shown was just the right amount in order not to get gory. I really loved the fight scenes with Theo Gallivan (post reanimation); and Ras al Ghul and the league of assassins. This review won’t be complete with talking about the shoot outs and the shoot out king himself Victor Zsasz. Victor was arguably my favorite character mainly because if how relaxed he is and the comedic element he adds to the show. He also brought a lot of amazing shoot out scenes to the show and his acting was remarkable.

Lets look at some villains, I really liked what the writers did with Jeremiah and Jerome Valeska; the only thing I am not a fan of is how similar they named them to Joker. Although the writers said they were not the Joker but Proto-Joker, some could argue that he could have been the Joker; with Jerome’s facial scar and also the way Jeremiah dressed in the series finale it really gave me that Joker vibe. Apart from that their character had amazing plot lines and Jeremiah’s character Arc was sudden and intense. I really loved how Jerome was brought back after he was killed and also the fact that he had plans put in place after his death, this really showed how smart he really is and proved he was not just some average lunatic. 

Ras al Ghul, I really expected more from the character and I was not really satisfied with how he died. Honestly I didn’t expect him to be killed in the show especially not by a young Bruce Wayne and Barbra; because in the comics he was killed long after Bruce became batman. I get it that the show did not follow the comic books exactly but there are somethings that I rather they stuck with. I also expected Ras al Ghul to have a better motive than just planning his death at the hand of Bruce.

Fish Mooney was also an epic character her resilience and her strength was remarkable. The penguin was also very awesome and was one of my favorite villains in the show. His growth and constant rise to power despite several set backs was remarkable. I also liked they way he teamed up with the Riddler.

I also want to briefly mention Captain Barnes, I really liked his character and his strict morality. After he was infected by the Teech virus, I don’t know what reaction the writers expected from viewers whether to see him as a threat or something, but I found his character very funny. Anytime time he shouts ‘Guilty’ I instantly begin to laugh.

Lets have a look at Selina Kyle, Catwoman, I really liked her character and her plot line. Although early in season 1 her relationship with Brue was cringe, with a lot of awkward love advances from Selina, I am glad that was corrected early on. The fact that she was not total a hero or a villain, just someone that is trying to survive, was really nice to see as it stood to the original persona of Catwoman. I also want to talked about the time where she could not walk and Bruce gave her a plant form Ivy aka Poison Ivy, that potential meant to change here character while healing here. We got a little teaser of here eye changing to one cat like, but in my opinion her character didn’t really change; everything she did was something I could see here doing before and I didn’t really see a need for that character change stuff about the plant.

James Gordon, the most popular character in the Tv show. I really loved how rigged he always was and that extra deep tone added to his voice was definitely something (really funny sometimes). The fact that he ended up getting married to Lee after everything that happened was really nice. Also we have Harvey, I liked how sarcastic he was sometimes and the comedic relief he often brought to the show. The fact that he was not exactly a straight cop was fun.

Bruce Wayne’s journey to batman was really nice and also the introduction of Lucius Fox was nice. From Bunderslaw to Theo Gallivan to Penguin to Ras al Ghul and a lot more other villains, really added a lot of adventure to the Batman’s origin aspect of the show and explained a lot of things about Batman. I also liked how Bruce later went back to train the league and his suit in the series finale.

In summary I really loved the show form the popular and amazing characters to the amazing A list actors like; Jada Smith, Ben McKenzie, Cameron Monaghan and many others. I will rate the show 7/10. I recommend you to watch it, although if you are looking for a show about batman this is definitely not it.




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