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Game Of Thrones Review

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Game of Thrones is an HBO series which aired from 17th April, 2011 to 19th May, 2019. It is a fantasy drama television series based on the book series A song of ice and fire, by George R. R. Martin. The show is based in the continent of Westeros and is about the battle for the Iron Throne.  This amazing show had a total budget of $1.5 Billion and generated an estimated $3.1 Billion, the show recorded  estimated viewership of 17.4 million people in it’s final season. It started a lot of popular actors; Sean Bean who played Ned Stark, Peter Dinklage who played Tyrion Lannister, Kit Harrington who played Jon Snow, Sophie Turner who played Sansa Stark and so much more.

A good thing the writers did was focus on the story of characters and let us know about their personalities rather than just focusing on majorly on battles and dragons; this made the show the success it is today. The journey of the characters where very important as that intensified the drama and made the fight scenes have more depth.

The final season of the show was the most controversial as it departed from the novels. Many people were demanding a remake which was never passed off; there will be a prequel series House of the Dragon airing 2022. In my opinion the reason for this is not the activities that happened, it is that they were not given enough time to fully go into details with the story. I agree the last season was really rushed but the plot didn’t come out of no where it was not just given enough screen time. The writers of the show talked to George R. R. Martin and he told them how the book will end but for some reason the writers decide to force it all into one season, maybe because of budget costs, who knows ? but this could have been handled better.

Jon snow or Aegon Targaryen facing the Night King one on one was highly anticipated. Also Brandon Stark using his Wog abilities to face the night king, though that would have been awesome it wouldn’t have been the best thing to do. Brandon was no longer a fighter and to see him use his abilities to fight would be inconsistent. The Jon Snow and Night King fight would have been epic but would leave no room for Arya’s training to make a meaningful impact. Also the Jon Snow and the undead dragon scene, in the Winterfell yard, in a way compensated for that.


Daenerys going mad was sad but I won’t say it was out of nowhere. Watching closely we can tell that Daenerys was always ruthless when it came to severing out justice;  she order the Unsullied to kill their old master and burnt one alive, crucified the masters of Meereen, fed a master of Meereen to her dragon. Keep in mind that these things were all done to stop slavery, these people didn’t hurt her personally. Looking at that what would you expect she does to Cerci who killed Missandei one of her counsellors and also killed one of her dragons that she took as her children. Definitely she would be very furious, I think why most people do not understand this is that when her dragon and Missandei were killed we weren’t really given much time to observe her reaction in the moment and watch the rage build. Also Lord Varis predicted this and he died for it, in the end he was right. It was sad to see Daenerys killed before she even got a chance to sit on the iron throne, which she wanted all her life, and also her legacy being destroyed. I feel Daenerys going mad would have been better portrayed gradually across a whole season rather than an episode, it would have added more depth and silenced most critics.



Brandon being King, personally I didn’t really like him becoming king mainly because of the fact that he was so disconnected. He would have made a very smart and wise king but he lacks that emotional capacity that is need to win the hearts of the people. I would have loved to see a short war better then seven kingdom’s deciding a king rather than a short conversation, the Unsullied would have played a unique role in that.  I want to mention that at the beginning of the series I wanted Jon snow to be King but that went to shit when he killed Daenerys. Although seeing him end up with ghost and the wildlings was nice.

Another way in which the final season was rushed is that fact that they didn’t let Jon actually being a Targaryen have meaningful effect. The only effect the reveal had was just a momentary shocker and him breaking up with Daenerys.

Sandro and Arya’s ride to king’s landing was also cut short. I was looking forward to seeing their new dynamic because they have both changed since they last travelled and we didn’t get to see any of that. The scene where Arya saw her wolf Nymeria was never referenced which was quite disappointing.

The series emphasized on women empowerment with a lot of strong women characters, which is very important in this era. Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clark portrayed a powerful woman figure who was a powerful conqueror. From Astapor to Yunki to Meereen and Westros. We also saw Arya Stark played by Maisie William, who was one of my favorite characters, fight, learn and grow to be a strong woman and a great fighter. Her training at Bravos was a very impressive. Also the scene were she had revenge on the Freys was just so cool to watch. Sansa Stark despite starting the series out as a young girl who believed in fairy tales and was easy manipulated become someone to out smart possible the smartest character in the series Little finger was great.

In all I will say the show had a perfect balance of action, romance and drama. The writers and actors did a wonderful job and really brought the book to life. Most shows based in this era are not properly produce but GOT didn’t follow the trend. This is a show that I recommend you watch.


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