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My name is John Olatubosun; I am a full stack software developer with experience in website development and design, android application development and machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am the main writer of a blog that is centered around TV Shows and Movies; Programming and Technology and also world issues. I have a fun and calm personality, I play the keyboard and Cello also I have an interest in running. I currently studying Computer Science in a reputable university. My goal is to provide tech based solutions to solve global problems.

From a young I have always been interested in computers and technology, so when an opportunity came form to learn computer programming I jumped at it.  I started programming at the age of 15 at a boot-camp at MFM Teenage Church, at the boot-camp I learned the basics of website design with HTML 5 and CSS 3.

After the boot-camp I learnt other programming languages and technologies from YouTube and Udemy to further my skills and enable me to build better solutions. I am always learning new programming languages and technologies while improving on other skills. Some of the programming languages and technologies I am proficient with are as follows:

Programming Languages

Frameworks / DB


I am available to work or collaborate on unique and interesting projects, please contact me if there are any openings.

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GitHub Essentials

Every programmer at point in time must have heard about GitHub, maybe from a friend, colleague or during a tutorial. GitHub is basic a tool

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IP Locator App

IP-Locator is a website that displays users IP address, location and other information related to their IP and Location. It is very easy to use, all it requires is a click of a button. This can come in handy if you want to test your VPN actually..


Ecomgrade is a web application I built for a client, targeted mainly at drop shippers this web application generates useful insights and analytics on drop shippers website and the product they sell. Ecomgrade generates an overall website score and…