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My name is John Olatubosun; I am a full stack software developer with experience in website development and design, android application development and machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am the main writer of a blog that is centered around TV Shows and Movies; Programming and Technology and also world issues. I have a fun and calm personality, I play the keyboard and Cello also I have an interest in running. I currently studying Computer Science in a reputable university. My goal is to provide tech based solutions to solve global problems.

From a young I have always been interested in computers and technology, so when an opportunity came form to learn computer programming I jumped at it.  I started programming at the age of 15 at a boot-camp at MFM Teenage Church, at the boot-camp I learned the basics of website design with HTML 5 and CSS 3.

After the boot-camp I learnt other programming languages and technologies from YouTube and Udemy to further my skills and enable me to build better solutions. I am always learning new programming languages and technologies while improving on other skills. Some of the programming languages and technologies I am proficient with are as follows:

I am available to work or collaborate on unique and interesting projects, please contact me if there are any openings.

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Heroku Deployment

Heroku is a could platform with the support of several programming languages. In other word it is a system that allows you to host your

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Ecomgrade is a web application I built for a client, targeted mainly at drop shippers this web application generates useful insights and analytics on drop shippers website and the product they sell. Ecomgrade generates an overall website score and…


Domathz is a mathematics solver application available on web and android. It was developed by a friend and I. The purpose of Domathz is to provide a fast and easy to use application to help students with mathematics related problems.